List of Consumable upgrades.

Magic Token- allows the unlocking of different pets. They can also be given to a pet to increase total growth by 10% (minimum 100, maximum 1000)

Cooking Medals- Used in the purchasing of many permanent upgrades and temporary boosts.

Lucky Draws- grants a random reward, Which can be either money, cooking medals, training/research potions, and Magic Tokens.

Reward Weight Percent Chance
Cooking Medal x 1 130/352 36.93%
Cooking Medal x 2 60/352 17.04%
Cooking Medal x 5 25/352 7.10%
Cooking Medal x 10 10/352 2.84%
Cooking Medal x 25 5/352 1.42%
Cooking Medal x 50 3/352 0.85%
Cooking Medal x 100 2/352 0.56%
Cooking Medal x 250 1/352 0.28%
1 Hour of Income* 60/352 17.04%
3 Hours of Income* 30/352 8.52%
8 Hours of Income* 15/352 4.26%
Research Potion x 1 5/352 1.42%
Training Potion x 1 5/352 1.42%
Magic Token x 1 1/352 0.28%

Daily Packs- Each pack grants 5 cooking medals and one Lucky Draw but there is a 23 hour cool down before you can open another pack. Daily packs are a much more economical way to gain cooking medals and lucky draws than buying them directly, but the rewards are drawn out overtime.

Research Potion- Doubles research speed for the current pupil, lasts until retirement.

Training Potion- Doubles training speed for the current pupil, lasts until retirement.


Daily packs can be very useful for a new player, giving them a large amount of cooking medals over time, which allow many upgrades. The accumulated Lucky Draws will grant even more cooking medals on average. They also offer the most economical way to spend fairy dust for medals/ Lucky draws, however because the reward are overtime it takes much longer to notice the boost.