This tab contains pets and other magic information. Unlocking a pet costs a Magic Token. One is given for free after your first retirement, and a second free Token is given upon beating Area 30. Other ways to obtain tokens include:

  • Using the "I Win" code from Idling To Rule The Gods which unlocks one free token and some cooking medals depending on score.
  • Buying one with Fairy Dust (140k the first time only; 285k thereafter, or 3 for 750k).
  • Finding them (rarely) in Lucky Draws.

Magic Bags

Your Pets generate a magic bag every 23 hours. The amount of fairy dust generated is dependent on their magic gain since the last bag, the number of times you fed your pets, and if they got their desired themes and ingredients. Having more fairies increases the amount of magic gain and thus the amount of fairy dust generated.

To collect a magic bag, you must have performed an average of 4 "good feedings" since the last time you collected a bag. As of current version a good feeding simply requires that you don't feed them poison (mandrake) and feed the correct theme. Average is referring not to the average of good with bad, but to the average number of fairies you have. So if you have 4 fairies, feeding each one of them once gives you 1 average good feeding.

If you wait until avg good feedings is 8 before collecting the bag, you will be awarded a bonus cooking medal and a lucky draw.

Feeding and Growth

You can feed your pets recipes you have. For each feeding, a Pet will have a desired theme and ingredient. Meeting their demands yields one extra growth for both theme and ingredient up to a total bonus of 2. The dish quality (not the quality research level; although quality research does increase the dish's quality) also provides a bonus to growth equal to Dish quality/100, and capped at a bonus of 2. The base growth per feeding is 1, and the max growth is 5 (requires meeting both theme and ingredient demands, as well as a recipe with over 200 total quality).


Pets can meditate to gain magic based on growth and current pet level. Each level increases magical growth by 10% (additive). The pet can also be assigned as a mascot to a specific restaurant. Mascots improve sell price by 25% without affecting sell speed, but pets will not meditate (and thus, will not gain levels or magic) while serving as a mascot.

Pet Evolution

Pets can evolve four times, they start out at tier 0 and end up at tier 4. When you unlock skill 2 and 3 you can select any skill that is not labeled as "unique". If you have made a bad choice, the 2nd and 3rd skill slot can be changed at the cost of 100 medals

Tier Base Growth Req Medal Cost Benefit
0 - - Skill 1
1 300 15 +25% meditation speed
2 1,000 35 Skill 2, appearance change
3 3,000 60 +33.3% meditation speed
4 10,000 150 Skill 3, appearance change

List of Pets

Pet Name Base Ability Ability Details
Pupil firefairy Fire Fairy Battle Increases Battle Score by a set percentage based on total magic.
Pupil waterfairy Water Fairy Research Increases Research speed by a set percentage based on total magic.
Pupil woodfairy Wood Fairy Mascot Increases the Sell price at the restaurant this pet mascots at without penalizing sell speed based on total magic.Allows meditation at half speed while being a mascot.
Pupil lightfairy Light Fairy Pupil Increases the Pupil Multiplier by a set percentage based on total magic.
Pupil darkfairy Dark Fairy Training Increases training speed by a set percentage based on total magic.
Pupil darkcat Dark Cat Secret Increases the secrets of the recipe fed by 1 per feeding. Isn't influenced by magic.
Pupil goldendragon Golden Dragon Medals* Grants the player 1 cooking medal per feeding. Isn't influenced by magic. (unique)
Pupil redmushroom Red Mushroom Magic Increases the magic gain of all other pets by a set percentage based on total magic.
Pupil greenplant Green Plant Combination Increases the power of combination value on recipes by a set percentage based on total magic.
Pupil bluerobo Blue Robo Defender* Automatically defends from manipulation, taunts and demoralization during cooking battles. (unique)

*Unique Skills can't be selected as a bonus skill when evolving pets.